Jameis Winston – Introduction

I am often asked about my opinion on the polarizing figure who is Jameis Winston. Like anything else, I do not like forming an opinion on what an entertainment channel like ESPN has to say or what a few wannabe journalists tweet about just to get clicks on their sites. Instead, I form my own opinion based on fact checking like anyone else should if they have the time and this Jameis Winston case was no different.

So what I did was dig deep into all the reports, all the audio available, all the testimony, medical records, phone records, any resource I could find with what is publicly available to come to rational conclusions about Jameis Winston.

With that said, after reviewing everything possible, I’m not so sure he is really genuinely a polarizing figure as much as possibly a figure who has artificially been polarized to fit an agenda. Whether that agenda is the latest story in national media, to drive website clicks, channel views and/or a political agenda for individuals and groups or just simply money, is not our concern, only the facts are. I could go on and on about the benefits it has for the media to create such a polarizing figure, but I will keep from getting on a soapbox about such an issue which currently plagues our mainstream media, especially in the sports world.

From everything I have viewed, it seems there is an all out witch hunt after a relatively good kid. Has he had some issues with maturity and decision-making? Sure, nobody disagrees there, however there comes a point when you are inappropriately attacking a kid and you are severely effecting, in the case of some kids even ruining, their entire lives over relatively minor issues or complete falsehoods. All of these issues were only magnified due in part to a sexual assault allegation which by all indications were false accusations and I will detail all the reasons why later.

In the following chapters, I will go in-depth into every issue Jameis Winston has come across from the sexual assault allegations, the Burger King incident, the “BB gun” incidents, the Publix seafood incident, shouting obscenities on campus and the latest accusations of accepting payment for autographed items.

Jameis Winston Timeline:

November 25, 2012BB Gun incident with FSUPD

November 27, 2012Police are called for apartment BB Gun incident

December 7, 2012Encounter with sexual assault accuser

July 21, 2013Burger King incident

April 29, 2014Publix seafood incident

September 16, 2014Obscenity incident

CurrentAutograph incident

We are going to dive into all of these one by one and in detail.

Jameis Winston's Championship Rings
Winston with Championship Rings

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