About #FACTs

Whether serious, satirical or sarcastic, #FACTs strives to look at the world, mostly the sports world, through the eyes of facts. #FACTs

We use official reports, statements, releases, statistics, maybe some insider information and more to put the real story out there as best we can, the story you may often not hear in the mainstream media.

We fact check as much as possible before posting to bring to light the most accurate information possible based on available resources. If you do not like our post(s), feel free to comment and let us know exactly what you disagree with and why. We are not above correcting ourselves if we are made aware of new information or if we overlooked or misunderstood any information. However, if you don’t like a post just because it hurts your agenda or bias for a certain pary, that’s just too bad until you can prove us wrong.


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